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Porto.Fala is a portuguese centre for students, workers and visitors from overseas.

- Portuguese group class

- Portuguese mixed class

- Portuguese individual course

- Portuguese conversational club

- Part-time group Portuguese course 

- Portuguese on the move course

- Twice a week Portuguese class

- Portuguese for children

- Brazilian Portuguese course

- Online lessons

- Professional Portuguese course

- Portuguese pastries and sweets course

- Custom-made course

(...) Débora put me at ease straight away with the classes, conducting them always in Portuguese and with professionalism and always ensuring that we were maximising the time during the classes to my benefit. As such the classes were effective, highly personalised to my needs and thoroughly enjoyable (...)

Victoria B. (U.K.)
(...) I really enjoy Portuguese classes at Porto Fala. All classes were conducted in Portuguese and the teacher (Mafalda) fitted the lessons to the student’s knowledge, which make learning more effective. I strongly recommend Porto Fala to anyone looking to start or improve their level of Portuguese (...)

Natalia (Spain)
(...) Porto.fala is the best way to learn Portuguese fastly and easily (...) I made really huge progress in a short period of time. During these courses, you learn Portuguese, but also a lot of things about Porto, Portugal and its culture.(...)

Caroline (Belgium)

Erasmus Short Courses A1-C1 € 125 32 hours

General Portuguese courses specially made for Erasmus students, from A1 to C1 levels. It runs for 8 weeks (2 lessons a week, 2 hours each lesson). Monday to Thursday. The price includes all the lessons, material and a participation certificate. It requires a minimum of 4 students. On Fridays students can come to the school and clarify gramatical doubts with a certified teacher.

Portuguese Immersion Courses

Portuguese Group Class from € 175 per week*

It runs from 10:00 - 14:00, 4 hours every morning (the hours can be changed if there’s a class interest on it), and it covers a little bit of everything (speaking, listening, reading and writing). It is completely focused on the skills that students feel the need to improve. Maximum number of students per group: 10.

Portuguese Mixed Class from € 300 per week*

This is a popular course, specially among Erasmus students, because it mixes group classes with private lessons. It includes 20 hours/week group classes (from 10:00 - 14:00) and also 1 or 2 private lessons per day (Monday to Friday). It covers a little bit of everything (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and the private lessons focus on the student's interests or on the skills the student wishes to improve.

Portuguese Individual Course from € 25 per lesson**

This Portuguese course is directed to those that want to learn Portuguese as fast as possible in a very personalized way. These lessons are completely focused on the student and the skills that need to be improved, and can privilege whaetever area the student needs more help with. You can book as many lessons as you want, starting with a minimum pack of 20 hours (to be delivered within a week). You'll find our prices very competitive and inviting!

Portuguese General Courses

Portuguese Conversational Club € 40 month (3x per week)

For those that really want to practice their spoken Portuguese and their listening skills. Our Portuguese conversational classes privilege the development of listening and speaking skills. These are informal Portuguese sessions that put together students from all paths of life, with completely different experiences and backgrounds that only have in common the willingness to practice their spoken Portuguese. Our conversational classes run 3 times a week, and each session lasts for 50 minutes. The days and times of the conversational club are changeable and the themes can be chosen by the students.

Part-time Group Portuguese Course from € 87 per week*

If you don't have much time or if you prefer to learn Portuguese at a slower pace, focusing in one or two particular skills at a time, this is the course for you! This course includes 10 hours/week in our group Portuguese class and you can choose the times you prefer to attend. We will have a defined schedule indicating what skills are going to be developed between certain times, and you can choose to go to our "listening", "speaking", "reading", "writing", "grammar" or "testing" lessons as you wish, in order to complete your 10 hours a week. You can also add extra lessons (group lessons or private lessons) if you wish to.

Portuguese On The Move Course € 300 per 8 weeks

This is the perfect course for those who like to learn outside the classroom! A favorite among Erasmus students and also post-graduate students. This course allows you to learn Portuguese while experiencing real life situations - going to the supermarket, going to the library, grabbing a cup of coffe or some lunch or just visiting a museum. The Portuguese on the move course will encourage you to live the Portuguese way of life and will set you up in the right path for an independent living in Porto. Note that some lessons are a bit more theoretical so that you can follow the practical lessons without missing a bit! This course doesn't have a rigid schedule - the hours of the lessons are arranged with the students. It runs twice a week for two hours each time and it lasts for 8 weeks (32 hours total). It requires a minimum number of 3 students per class (and a maximum of 6).

Twice a Week Portuguese Course € 160 per month

For those that only need a little direction on their learning or that can only spare a few hours a week to learn Portuguese, the twice a week Portuguese class is a great option. You can come to class twice week ( (two hours at a time) and choose the skills you wish to focus on. You'll join our Portuguese group class but only for those previously chosen lessons. You can also add private tutoring to this option at a very inviting price. This option is paid monthly.

Other Portuguese Courses

Brazilian Portuguese Course € 300 30 hours

If you're interested in Brazilian Portuguese, either because you're going to Brazil soon or just because you prefer the Brazilian accent, we can provide you a short Brazilian Portuguese course, taught by an experienced teacher. The course includes Brazilian culture and differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese. The lessons are designed to be taught outside, while experiencing real life situations, even though some lessons take place at the school. It's a practical course, perfect for those who come to Porto to spend their Summer.

Online Lessons from € 20 per lesson

For those that aren't in Porto yet but still really want to learn the language, or those that simply want to get tutoring, from native speakers either to help them in their Portuguese studies or just for the fun of learning a new language, we have online lessons tthrough Skype or Facetime. All the lessons will be completely made from scratch, taking into account the student's interests and the skills he or she wishes to improve. All materials will be provided by the school as well. The times of the lessons are to be arranged between the students and the teachers.

Professional Portuguese Course € 300 pack***

If you need to learn Portuguese for professional purposes, we are the place to go! If you need to learn specific terminology related to your field work, we can help you. If you need to focus your Portuguese learning on work related cortesy and social mechanisms, this is the right course for you. Send us an e-mail with your field work and the kind of course you are looking for to know more.

If you can't find what you are looking for don't hesitate to contact us!
*(price per week when you buy 4 weeks)
**(when you buy more than 20 lessons)
***(Group pack - 20 hours)
About us

Every Portuguese course, every cultural lesson, every service and product we offer at our school, is completely tailored by us from scratch, and as a small school we privilege student oriented content. Our main goal is to make you feel completely at-home at our school, we want to be a cultural connection for you and we treat our students like family! Because of this, our classes are small and don't have more than 10 students at a time (usually less).

We love to teach the Portuguese language and we believe that teaching a language is deeply connected to teaching a culture. Language and culture walk together and the Portuguese language is multi-cultural. We love the concept of Lusofonia - nations and cultures united by their language, a language that unites people from all around the world and make us feel like our family is everywhere! Join our big Portuguese speaking family, learn Portuguese (in Porto) with us!

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